Cocos Helper Feature Request Form

Requested Features

It'd be great if you could cover a guided and complete tutorial on how to fake height in a 2D game.
I'm talking about managing Ysort/z-order, tiles collisions and jump physics in a 2D game to make it feels like a 2.5D game...
This article might give you an idea(attention : link to source codes in the article are dead)
iap and rate apps
ZBar barcode scanner ( I wish cocos helper has features of QR code scanner and anything that can help to use AR in cocos2dx
Cocos2d-JS , particles not showing, give tutorial to use particle for cocos2d html5/js v3
Support for Android Studio. Now, Cocos helper just support for Eclipse IDE. Tks so much
Using 9 patch images for Button / MenuItem
Android-studio support is now in development. I'm making testings...
It would be great if IAP is available in Cocos Helper asap! :)
It will be great to have InApp purchase functionality for both iOS and Android
android studio support
Thank you for the great product. I'm using it for my game now.
Do you have any plan to integrate the in-app purchase in the future? Thanks.
Appodeal please
1) Cross-platform cloud saves. 2) Cross-platform IAP. 3) Multiplayer wrapper for Game Center and Google Play Game Services.
Thanks for all the awesome tutorials!
Cocos2dx tutorial for apply spritsheet animation and how save data in cocos game
Taking screenshots and sharing them through Android or iOS native share
1. Easy way to invoke the native sharing system of Android/iOS instead of directly using twitter or facebook.
2. Invite the user to rate the app on the AppStore or Google Play

And I know this is very difficult and may be out of this project's scope, but how about Windows Phone compatibility?
What about create a console program that help us to implement cocos helper ?
This sounds nice, and it will save a lot of work.
Make the cocos helper compatible with Windows platforms. But I'm working in this
Hi! Thanks for great framework! Could you please tell me approximate date of release of Flurry (iOS + Android) support?
Support for iRate
Take and save screenshot of Node object with its children.
Play YouTube Video In your Project new layer or new Node
can you add support for heyzap
cocoshelper for cocos2d-x mac projects
Custom Game center apis to allow to skin game center/or create your own leaderboard using game center data.
In-App purchases would allow people to choose cocos helper over sdkbox since many of the features are similar. Please finish IAP.
You already have 'game center' & 'play services' implemented for leaderboard & achievements so please try to add realtime/turn-based multiplayer too. They also provide these features free of cost, so why dont you guys provide wrapper for that??
how to make Cocos Helper work with SDKBOX at the same project
In-App Purchases